WEWestern Electric #10 desk set

Dimensions: Height 10 3/4"; width 7 9/64"; base 5 9/32" round; base cover is wooden with felt covering secured with four screws. A wiring diagram is glued on the inside.

In 1899 the Western Electric Tapered number 10 desk set made its appearance. This model was used with either a magneto or common battery system. A number ten was stamped in the rear of the lug holder. The phone was available with either a nickel plated finish or factory painted black. The receiver was a number 101 outside terminal unit.

In 1900 the No. 10 was replaced with the No. 10-A or the No. 10-C. The No. 10-A was the same size as the No. 10 but was usually un-marked in the rear of the lug holder. The model was most always furnished in nickel. The No. 10-C was 1/8" smaller and had a passing ground contact in the switch which was used on the Genesco System.

In 1901 these sets were furnished with the No. 134 converted receivers. This was a bipolar receiver employing parts of the the No. 101 receiver which was being returned in large numbers.

In 1902 these models were furnished with the new style No. 122 bipolar receiver. The construction was materially improved by making the case and terminal cap in two parts. This increased the life and facilitated repairs. The No. 10 desk sets were replaced the the new No. 15 type which today are extremely rare to find. On September 22, 1904 the No. 10 and No. 15 type desk sets were declared obsolete and the use of the model 20 was recommended.

from ATCA 2/84

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