WEWestern Electric #3 "Potbelly" Desk Set

In 1895 the Western Electric model number 3 desk set was produced for the American Bell Telephone Company. Commonly called a "potbelly" because of its resemblance to a potbelly stove, this phone was used through about 1897. This phone had a solid back transmitter with a beveled faceplate. The spear switchhook arm held a single "longpole" receiver. A telescoping shaft supported the perch and a knurled screw grommet held the shaft in place. The "pot" was of spun brass and was thin and hollow. A wooden bottom cover was held in place by four screws attached to a metal reinforcing ring located inside.

A very similar phone with a non-telescoping shaft was also manufactured. Allegedly this phone was produced for the city of San Francisco in 1897. This "San Francisco" model had a smaller cast base and a long spear switchhook arm to accomodate a "long pole" receiver.

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