This is a listing of current books, some out of print, that are available at the bookstore,, and Schiffer Publishing Company. Hopefully this list can help give you ideas as to where you can find these different books and photo books online about antique telephones.


Dooner, Kate, Telephones Antique to Modern, West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., First Edition 1992; Second Printing.
Over 500 color photographs cover the development of the telephone from the Bell's first experimental equipment. Exquisite examples of wooden box phones; vanities; upright "candlesticks"; and desk stand or "cradle" phones. An important reference for novice and avid telephone collectors alike

Dooner, Kate, Telephone Collecting, Seven Decades of Design , West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1993
A history of the design of the telephone is presented from Art Deco years to novelty phones of the 1980s in text and over 250 color photos. Memories will be awakened as you page through the book to see the phones you grew up with. Old telephones are appearing in antique and collector shops throughout America; becoming one of the hottest new finds for colloecting or just as accent pieces

Evenson, Edward,, 2001
The Telephone Patent Conspiracy of 1876. The Elisha Gray-Alexander Bell Controversy and Its Many Players by A. Edward Evenson.



Meyer, Ralph, Old-Time Telephones! Design, History, and Restoration, 2nd Edition (now includes AE phones), Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2005. Old-Time Telephones traces the development of the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell to 1984, when the Bell Ssytem was broken up. Fundamental engineering principles, design concepts, and historical facts are interwoven in the fascinating and down-to-earth context of antqiue telephones.

Montjoy, Richard, 100 Years of Bell Telephones, West Chester Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1995. This 176 page book traces the history of the first hundred years of the telephones in the Bell System.



Wolff, Lawrence, Desk Telephones of the Bell System, Burbank, California: CompuGrafix & Printing, 1993 now in it's second printing. 178 pages. Great schematics and information about dials, handsets, transmitters, etc.