There a many out of print books about the history of telephones. Currently, there are several available books that most collectors have on their bookselves about old telephones. Many of these books have many photographs and some have relative price lists. A list of these books and the sources are listed in the books section.

Do you have an old phone or parts that you would like to sell? Get information on the phone4sale section.

Are you a student looking to repeat some of Alexander Graham Bell's experients on his way to making a working telephone? See the science experiment section.

Many students have built a working model of Bell's first liquid transmitter. You too can make one with the directions found in the science experiment section.

Have you been looking for a simple eplaination on how the telephone works? Check out the short essay on the How the Phone Works section

Ever wondered where and when collectors get together to find, sell and trade antique telephones? Throughout the year there are telephone shows held in various places thoughout the United States. Click here to find where the next show will be located..

Looking for old commercials, video clips and advertisementts for old telephones. We are in the process of gathering these from various sources. Check out what we have found so far.