The internet has a number of web pages devoted to old telephones that are produced by individuals. Below are some of them:

Antique Telephone Collectors Assocation
Member pages with many photos and information about old telephones.


Telephone Tribute
Dave Massey's original massive telephone site with everything you ever wanted to know about the subject now maintained by Sheri Stritof.

Tony Fisher's Telephone Page
From the UK Tony provides some telephone sounds, history links and diagrams for UK phones.

Bill Hare's Phones
Bill provides a nice display of old telephones


Jeff Garber's Fone Page
They call him "Mr Fone" and there is information about phones & Culture, phone music, etc.

Tom's Antique Telephones A great photographic collection of early telephones mostly from the pre-1900's.

French telephone collection
Denis's site has history and photographs of old French telephones.


Runeberg Project-Telecommunications
Photographs and diagrams for many Swiss telephones

Peter Walker's Phone page
Lots of great photos of UK phones.

Gerd-W. Klaas's Phones
This German site has info and photos of some very rare European telephones

Klaus Poehlchen's old phones
From Germany, some very unusual telephones


How to spot a fake candlestick phone
Good hints (and photos) on spotting those phones made in the 1980's made to look like the originals

Fred Nibart's Telephone Site
Fred's site is found in both French and English provides history and photos of many older European telephones.

Carla's Old Phones
Carla has info on military phones and old telephone ads

 Ove's Ericsson pages
In this Swedish site, Ove provides a lot of information about old Ericsson telephones

Sam's Telephone Collection
Sam Hallas's Collection of British bakelite and plastic telephones

Japanese Antique Telephone by Nagae.
Nice site with a lot of photos. Select English or Japanese.

Bob's Telephone File
A historical web site about UK Customer Telephone Apparatus & Systems

Vienna Telephone Museum
Very nice looking site with great photographs of early European phones





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